sunnuntaina, tammikuuta 6

Another Earth

Within our lifetimes we have marveled as biologists have managed to look at even smaller and smaller things.
 And astronomers have looked further and further into the dark night sky back in time and out in space. 
But maybe the most mysterious of all is neither the small nor the large.
 It's us, up close. 
Could we even recognize ourselves? 
And if we did, would we know ourselves? 
What would we say to ourselves? 
What would we learn from ourselves? 
What would we really like to see if we could stand outside ourselves...
 and look at us?

"Beautiful metaphore for accepting yourself, letting go of the past and learn to live with consequences of your decisions."

 Harvat elokuvat saavat minussa aikaan tämän kaltaisen syventymisen ja mielen avartumisen. Pidän parhaina elokuvina niitä, jotka saavat minut tuijottamaan tyhjyyteen lopputekstien tullessa. Kyyneleitä ja ihmetystä.

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